Syringe Pump

  • Up to 100 N
    Linear Force
  • Industrial Excellence
  • Down to 0.01 mm
    Position Accuracy


Product Features & Benefits

Sonceboz syringe pumps offer a highly integrated technology combining reliability, precision and robustness. With a force in excess of 100 N, the pump has a movement accuracy of 0.01 mm, an inductive position sensor and on-board software and drivers. These features can be fully adapted to individual needs, guaranteeing effective treatment and patient comfort but also low noise and low power consumption.

Sonceboz’s Quality

Several features enable Sonceboz to ensure the safety and monitoring of various product processing operations: traceability thanks to a unique serial number, the ability to store settings for each stage of the process and testing of all products before delivery. All this is managed by our qualified staff in our 4.0 factories, inside an ESD environment to avoid electrostatic discharges.