Integrated Wearable Devices

  • Versatile Technology Platform
  • Up to 200 cP
    of Viscosity
  • Programmable System

Discover our Drug Delivery Technologies

Our wearable devices technologies and solutions upgrade patient care, enabling proactive health management and personalized treatment strategies

Technology Features & Benefits

Introducing Sonceboz’s Soft Cannula Insertion System: offering programmable release timing and automatic retraction of sharp needle, it enhances comfort during usage. Capable of delivering high-viscosity drugs, up to 200 cP and providing advanced solutions for precise and comfortable drug delivery.

Technology Features & Benefits

Introducing Sonceboz’s Gentle Touch Micropump: designed for drug delivery and compatible with large molecule biologics, its low noise makes it perfect for wearable applications. Boasting high precision with under 5% dosing accuracy and delivering exceptional performance with up to 2 ml/min injection time, this cutting-edge technology is made to improve On Body Injectors.

Sonceboz’s Quality

Several features enable Sonceboz to ensure the safety and monitoring of various product processing operations: traceability thanks to a unique serial number, ability to store settings for each stage of the process and testing of all products before delivery. All this is managed by our qualified staff in our 4.0 factories, inside an ESD environment to avoid electrostatic discharges.