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Our Mission

A global leader in mechatronics to enhance science and improve patients’ lives

At Sonceboz Medical, we are driven by solving challenges in the fields of electromagnetics, mechatronics, and electric motors. Our know-how starts with applied research and extends to product development to meet our primary goal of improving science and patients’ lives.

Our Vision

We design, develop, and produce high-quality mechatronic systems for a better life

Our positioning, flow control and drive solutions are capable of meeting the most demanding requirements. Every day, we help engineers change the world with safer, more responsible and high-performing technologies.

Our Industrial Excellence

As a Swiss company, 0 ppm is our goal to always deliver best in class reliable products. Our cutting-edge industrial facilities are distinguished by a very high level of automation and control over every stage of manufacturing, from design to mass production.

Our Sustainable Business

We aim to reduce the environmental impact caused by our infrastructure, equipment, and operations. This commitment involves implementing energy-saving initiatives, optimizing water usage, minimizing purchases of harmful chemicals and enforcing a rigorous recycling policy for our waste. As a result and at every stages, we are striving to make tomorrow a better place.