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We provide tailored solutions, powered by our Swiss expertise



Sonceboz ecosystem revolves around innovation, with MMT research center

An proven system, based on excellence in design, calculation and simulation



A personalized process of support, for a tailor-made mechatronics solution

Our expertise to your solution



Swiss made products in our two factories 4.0, driven by our Manufacturing Units

Supported by highly qualified personnel and 0 PPM philosophy.

(Parts Per Million) Approach to quality
Mechatronics products produced each year in our factories
Certified, for medical and industrial quality management system

Oil-Free Scroll Compressor & Vacuum Pump

Designed 100% oil-free to maintain the purity of your system, it is also ultra-quiet (25 dBA), smooth and compact with 70% fewer parts. Efficient up to 3 bar pressure and below 13 mbar vacuum & 30L/minutes of flow, it is the perfect technology for medical applications.
100% Oil-Free
Efficient Performance
Ultra-Quiet & Valve-less
Scroll Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

Syringe Pump for Medical Devices

For decades, we have been supplying Mechatronic systems for syringe pumps in dialysis machines, providing precise dosing for reliable treatments. Reinforced by Sonceboz technologies with low noise, high efficiency and low power consumption, our products enhance machine productivity and safety.
Low Noise
Top Precision
Patient Comfort
Syringe Pump

Pump for Dialysis Machine

Sonceboz Mechatronics systems drive the blood pumps in dialysis machines, and use minimum blood volume to provide low noise, compactness, zero maintenance and low power consumption. They improve machine productivity and safety, as well as patient comfort during treatment.
Low Noise
High Efficiency
Speed Accuracy
Rotary Pump Drive

Clamp System for Dialysis Machine

The Sonceboz Clamp system offers an innovative mechatronic combination that focuses on efficiency and patient comfort with features such as low noise and integrated sensor. Its fail-safe design, coupled with robust mechatronics, ensures high-speed functionality, low power consumption and maintenance-free operation.
Low Noise
Integrated Sensor
Failsafe Design
Safety Clamp System

Cannula Insertion System & Gentle Touch Micropump

A versatile cannula delivery system features automated needle insertion and retraction to prevent needle-stick injuries while enhancing patient comfort. A unique pumping device, using two silent motors and pistons, manages liquid flow in all directions based on preset parameters.
Low Noise
Versatile Technologies
High Viscosity
Integrated Wearable Devices